Keeping records of banner advertisements on large-scale web-sites

Keeping records of banner advertisements on large-scale web-sites

Facts and myths about banner advertising

1. Not all Internet users are “banner-blind”. The most important thing is to choose your target audience right. In this case you will definitely reach those who will click your banner not out of curiosity or accidentally but those who really need your product.

2. “Accidental clicks” do really happen. Most users click advertisements accidentally when browsing web-sites on mobile devices. There is no way to eliminate accidental clicks completely, it is in the nature of banner advertising and you have to put up with. And yes, you will have to pay for them too. But this doesn’t mean that your advertising budget is going to be “flushed away” in vain. By proper targeting you can hit your target audience right in the face and minimize the quantity of accidental clicks. In addition to this, you should pay attention to your banner placement, it should be placed so that the users can see it but at the same time won’t click it accidentally, for example, when scrolling the page.

3. Web-pages flooded with banners are long gone. Today people understand that covering a web-site all over with banners is ineffective. In fact, it is futile for both – the advertiser and web-site owner.

4. There is always a risk of “flushing away” your budget. Main factors here are: who is in charge of the campaign, how precisely the target audience is determined and if the rules of ad view are adjusted right. For this you’d better go to an experienced agency specializing in banner advertising for many years.

5. You can’t be 100% sure in the success of your campaign. This is the nature of banner advertising and of any other type of Internet advertising. Nevertheless, this is a great tool for enhancing brand recognition, spreading information about special offers and news of your company.

When you are placing a banner you should also be very specific about advertising platforms, i.e. web-sites and pages where your banner will be shown. What should you pay attention to in the first place? Subject, quantity of visitors (traffic), average quantity of target traffic, geography, quantity of advertisements already placed on the web-site, price of advertisement (per click) and so on.

Keeping records of banner advertisements

How do you keep record of your banner advertisements? It depends on who is managing advertising spaces – the company itself or a special service. The owner of the web-site must keep track of banner advertisements in order to calculate his income from each banner (advertiser).

The advertiser should  also monitor the quantity of platforms showing his advertisement and the quantity of clicks on them (at least in order to estimate its effectiveness and to make sure the budget is spent on real clicks).

But how do you find out how many times the banner was clicked? Easy as a piece of cake: you need to sign up for one of statistics services and insert your ID into the link of the banner. Having done that, once you logged in on statistics web-site, you will be able to see the quantity of clicks, refuse index, target actions and many other relevant data per different periods of time.

But what if you are an advertising agency and your main business activity is providing banner advertising and other Internet advertising services to your customers? In this case advertising management software can come in very handy. With it you will be able to monitor interactions with all your customers, keep track of all your placements, ad spaces and all the other necessary information.