OOH Advertising sales planning

25.09.2017 OOH Advertising sales planning

Sales planning plays an important role in any type of business. It helps to:

1. Devise measures for increasing sales.

2. Find out the dependency between different parameters and income.

3. Prevent any possible problems or find a method to solve them in advance.

4. Monitor business process.

5. Assess the difference between planned and actual results.

In other words, without a sales plan you can waste your resources in vain and yet you won’t get any closer to the target set up by your boss. On the other hand, sales plan must be reasonable. You can’t just think up any random income amount and expect to receive it. You should base your sales plan on current data about efficiency of your business, which you can get with the help of special software.

For example, OOH Advertising management software developed by Proxima Co., Ltd. will not only help you manage your advertising business, but also analyze state of affairs and make up sales plans. For instance, the program has a plan-fact analysis feature. It is really convenient to make this type of analysis with a couple of clicks, isn’t it? Today there are hardly any business owners who perform business analysis by hand, sitting in the office long hours buried in papers and numbers. This means that the program can give you a competitive edge in the fight for the market sectors!

Plan-fact analysis and sales planning

There are three ways of planning sales in the program:

- by ad placements;

- by sales of goods and services;

- by orders.

To create a plan you need to set a planning scheme: select the parameter by which the sales will be planned, as well as break-down parameters (for example, by ad space types) and period. Additional break down parameters help to create a detailed plan for each division, manager, placement channel or counterparty.

Main parameters of the plan also can be selected. For example, you can set income and quantity of sales as main parameters and see the information on planned and actual income amounts and sales quantities, as well as their absolute and relative deviations. All in all, plan-fact analysis makes a comparison between actual results and planned ones, you can find out which targets were outstripped and which were underfulfilled and take steps to improve the situation. There are other models of analysis which can be broken-down by different parameters.

In the beginning we mentioned the necessity of sales planning, but why does an advertising agency need it? This is a rhetorical question. Everybody knows that with the growing competition in the market, the ones who posses the information wins. This also applies to internal information about the company. Financial analysis and sales planning will help to take a firmer grip on the current state of affairs, adjust management policy and set up a route of development for your business.

Automatic sales planning is a very handy tool for every business! And how do you plan your sales?