What are the perks of using OOH Advertising management software?

12.10.2017 What are the perks of using OOH Advertising management software?

Some advertising agencies think that using some special software for advertising management is absolutely unnecessary. They say that simple business management and accounting software fulfills their needs in storing client info, monitoring income and calculating taxes and so on. We can’t but agree with that, these programs are suitable for basic accounting and management tasks, but they don’t make advertising sales manager’s life any easier!

How does your agency monitor advertising constructions, billboards and other advertising inventory? How do you control ad placement periods of each client? What data do you use to plan advertising placements and overall workload? Of course you can do all these things in your notebook, but what if there are hundreds or thousands of advertising spaces? Then you’ll definitely need OOH Advertising management software!

Main advantages of OOH Advertising management software:

1. It gives you full and relevant information about each advertising space. Who bought it and for what period, if the space is in demand or not, when installation permit expires and so on.

2. It helps you plan advertising placements. Having analyzed current workload and placement statistics provided by the program, you can make plans and schedules, draw profit margins for current and future periods.

3. It makes sales manager’s life easier, provides more opportunities for seeking clients. At the first stage it will take a lot of effort to fill in all the data into the program. But after that working and management process will become a lot easier.

4. It minimizes the risk of mistakes, helps to keep your clients. Sometimes agencies make mistakes and dismantle an advertisement before the placement period expires or sell ad placement that starts when the previous client’s period has not expired yet. With the program it’s a lot easier keep your clients satisfied.

5. It can calculate profitability per construction. From the data gathered by the program you can see profitability rate of each ad construction and how much income you receive from it.

6. It makes ad placement process automatic, from the moment of installing the advertisement and receiving a photo report from the workers, till it’s time to dismantle the advertisement when placement period has ended.

7. It makes business management more effective and helps you make informed decisions. As your decisions are based on relevant and correct data they hit the target, promoting further growth of the company. The quantity of dissatisfied clients gets lower and income level gets higher.

These are only a few obvious advantages among the many others. Now we shall say a few words about unique features of OOH Advertising management software developed by Proxima Co., Ltd. It is a large-scale data analytics platform with a simple structure and the following features:

• Ad construction management, including the possibility to monitor approval and installation processes.

• Management of settlements with clients.

• Loading installation information, including photo-reports.

• Ad placements management.

• Sales planning.

• Stock-keeping.

• Fully featured CRM-system.

If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to ask them via live-chat feature on our web-site, or you can find other ways to contact us in Contact info section.