Advertising manager’s salary and motivation

26.10.2017 Advertising manager’s salary and motivation

Advertising manager is a very important job position in the company. There are so many factors that depend on them, no matter in what field they work – at an advertising agency or mass media. Their responsibilities include wide range of activities. For example, advertising manager is supposed to:

• create an advertising strategy;

• manage advertising campaigns;

• work with clients, including keeping them up to date with all company news;

• come up with creative briefs, and put it into life together with a team of designers, copywriters and other specialists;

• monitor compliance with relevant advertising legislation;

• cooperate with publishing companies, printing offices, news papers and so on for advertisement production purposes, and fulfill many other responsibilities.

Advertising managers are often called advertising sales managers, and it is quite logical. The thing is, sometimes they are directly involved in sales process, and while usual sales managers sale services of the company, advertising managers have to “sell” the campaign they came up with, create a unique style for the brand and promote its building.

Diligent work of an advertising manager can bring your company bring the following results:

1. Increase in sales due to active promotion of services in all sales channels.

2. Expanding client data base.

It is obvious that advertising managers have to know all ins and outs about the company they work at, and use all their creativity, experience and knowledge to add to its further development.

So, the company image depends on the advertising manager. What motivation scheme should be applied to such a specialist?

Advertising manager motivation

There are different ways of motivating this kind of employees. Usually motivation depends on several things:

• company resources;

• job responsibilities of an advertising manager (they can differ from company to company and it is essential to state them clearly);

• preferences of the manager.

Let’s skip non-substantial ways of motivating (training courses, flexible hours, casual dress code and other perks) and talk about salary and bonuses.

Typically an advertising manager’ s salary is from 500USD to 1700USD (700-900 USD on average). Sometimes managers are paid commissions or bonuses that depend on their work results – it is up to the employer. Payment of additional bonuses to an advertising manager is a tricky issue and this is why:

• Participation in sales process is a secondary responsibility of an advertising manager, so it would be wrong to pay bonuses that come from sales department work results;

• Even the most thoroughly planned and organized advertising campaign can go out the window, if another department misses deadlines or does not fulfill the needs of the project.

All in all, cash reward of an advertising manager usually consists of the following parts: salary + bonus for fulfilling the plan of the department or completing some certain campaign. Bonuses can also be paid for reaching some particular goals: completing an advertising campaign, creation and printing of an advertising leaflet, creation of a logo and so on.

Bonuses can be indicated as a percent to the salary or as a certain amount (for example, 200USD for maintaining high level of merchandise). Usually certain bonus amounts are set for priority tasks.

If bonuses are indicated in percent, then each part of the bonus must have its own share, so that all of them amount to 100%. In any case, it is important for employees to know what bonus they will receive for completing some certain task or reaching some certain goal. Otherwise motivation effectiveness will be compromised.

And don’t forget about non-substantial motivation, because, apart from money, employees need to receive something from the company to trigger their interest and satisfaction from work.