Importance of CRM system for an advertising agency

02.11.2017 Importance of CRM system for an advertising agency

To enjoy all the benefits of client-oriented approach, first you need to understand who is your client, what he is like? It goes without saying that today clients are better at counting their money and want to know in detail what they pay for.

They are more picky about goods and services they buy, you can’t lure them in with “exclusive” offers (that actually are not very profitable) any more. So how do you communicate with them?

Honestly, straightforwardly and effectively! To build customer relationships with all the listed characteristics you will need a CRM system. So what is this system? 

Modern CRM system is a program for handling interactions with new, potential and existing clients in automatic mode. This system helps to shift the focus of attention of the company from profits to clients with their needs and requirements. It sets a new goal for your business activity, which to keep your clients satisfied. This is what they call a client-oriented approach. 

Why do advertising agencies need efficient CRM system? 

  1. CRM can make your marketing strategy more efficient, it will bring the quality of service to a whole new level and thus will help you gain clients’ trust and loyalty. And as a result you will enjoy a steady increase in sales. 
  2. It is well-known that the easiest sales are the second ones. When the client has already tried the services of an advertising agency and was satisfied with them, the chances are high that he will come back to this agency the next time he needs an ad campaign. With CRM system you will be able to address each client individually, track the history of your relationships and make timely business suggestions. 
  3. Each advertising agency undergoes a risk of losing their client database due to different reasons, for example: technical failures, stealing, business intelligence, dismissal of managers and so on. If the agency does not have a CRM system, a day may come when all the valuable information gained during the years of work will be lost: clients’ contact information, contact people, cooperation conditions, terms of agreements, dates of last meetings, birth dates of directors, sales information and so on. Even if a manager keeps his client database in an excel file or some other planner-program, there are no guarantees that the agency won’t lose it all one day. 
  4. CRM system eliminates misunderstandings and problems. You can’t but agree, that it does not add to the agency’s reputation when a manager forgets what they have agreed on with the client during their last meeting, or forgot to pass some valuable information to the director. And imagine if the agency has hundreds of clients! It is highly improbable that anyone can keep this much information in the head. So it’s vitally important to record new information about all projects, sale orders and their terms in CRM system. 

  1. Using CRM-system head of the agency can analyze the situation with clients, plan sales, receive timely information about complaints and respond to them quickly, raise the level of service quality and make the agency more efficient and coordinated. 
  2. CRM system is also a tool for passing over the experience, knowledge, techniques and internal regulations from “old” employees to “green” ones. 

All in all, automated CRM system is a vital work tool, which can not be substituted with anything else. Applying it in your daily work will give you an edge, which will put you in front of your competitors and result in gaining profit and a greater number of new and interesting orders!