Software for automatic OOH advertising management

23.11.2017 Software for automatic OOH advertising management

Let see how you can automatically manage your OOH advertising using specially developed software by Proxima Co., Ltd.

General information about the software

The program is developed on 1C:Enterprise platform, which is a great advantage in itself. You will probably ask why? Because: 

• The program can be easily aligned with the existing accounting system;

• Document exchange process is easily adjusted;

• Accounting documents are issued quickly and easily within the united accounting system;

• Nowadays 1C is one of the most powerful, fast and convenient platforms in terms of usage and development of new applications;

• The platform is updated regularly, which means that it is very safe.

Among the advantages of the programthere are also such features as: 

1. Automatic issue of sales documents. This makes the work of your employees in sales and accounting departments a lot easier. The manager won’t forget to make sales documents timely, and the accountant won’t waste time looking for them in the system.

2. Inventory accounting. This feature is especially useful for full-cycle advertising agencies. You can track down the receipt of goods and materials to the warehouse, their transfers and people in charge of them, storage periods, stock-keeping and so on.

3. Sales planning. This is a very important feature, with which you can plan sales by placements, orders or particular services or goods. Sales planning helps to analyze the current situation, find additional resources, make work process of the agency more efficient and thus gain profit.

Main features of OOH advertising management program

If you have finally decided to implement the program for automatic OOH advertising management in your agency, or you are only thinking about the idea, you should pay attention to the following features: 

• Management of settlements. Statements, invoices, cash and bank transactions can be held in the system. It is very convenient when all the features you need are gathered together in one program.

• Advertising constructions management. These constructions are usually assigned to materials or main assets (depending on their initial value). This means that they must be recognized in the accounting accordingly and undergo all the necessary procedures, such as depreciation, revaluation, write-off and so on. In addition to this, you can store all permit documents for these constructions erection and usage in the program too.

• Convenient and robust CRM system. From now on you won’t miss any of your potential customers. With such a wide range of features you will bring the quality of your customer service to a brand new level.

• Ad placements management, i.e. reservation of advertising spaces, advertising inventory accounting, accounting on main assets and so on.

• Management of installation services and photo-reports, including issuance of all relevant documents. Installation workers can upload photo-reports to the program via mobile apps, which is very convenient.

If you are thinking about making your OOH advertising management automatic, you should definitely take the program developed by Proxima Co., Ltd. into consideration. It is very convenient in daily work and has all the necessary features to provide a solid basement for the growth of your business.