Specifics of Out-Of-Home advertising

07.12.2017 Specifics of Out-Of-Home advertising

It is hard to define the date when OOH advertising was invented, but we can say for sure that it started together with commercial relationships. Craftsmen and market traders made sign plates in order to attract the attention of passers-by.

Since then the main principles of OOH advertising haven’t changed at all, but new types of it has emerged. Modern OOH advertising, its specifics and specifics of its managementis what we will discuss in this article. And in the end we will talk about what advantages OOH advertising management software can bring to an advertising agency.

OOH advertising pros and cons

Let’s start with advantages. The most important of them are:

• Broad reach to the audience;

• Swift placement;

• Cheap price per view and a great amount of them;

• Long-term effect on the audience;

• Local effect of the advertisement.

But there are also several drawbacks:

• ineffective in short-term campaigns;

• weather conditions influence the quality of the image greatly;

• constant maintenance of advertising constructions;

• not suitable for transmitting big volumes of information;

• complications connected with ad construction erection and usage permits.

OOH advertising specifics and types

OOH advertising is perceived visually and it is usually installed away from the place where the advertised goods are sold. The most common ad constructions include the following:

• rooftop installations;

• billboards;

• video screens;

• banners;

• digital panels with running letters;

• sign plates;

• 3D constructions and so on.

OOH advertising has some specific features that distinguish it from the other types of advertising:

1. It is usually very big in size, which helps to reach out to as many consumers as possible.

2. It is usually coloured, there is even a marketing theory about which colours “sell more”.

3. Location of the advertisement is crucial. The quantity of people, who will see it, directly depends on its location.

4. OOH advertising is memorable. Especially if it has an interesting design and located in a good spot.

Apart from OOH advertising type, the advertiser also has to choose creative brief developers, material and location.

Before producing a full-size OOH advertisement, a preliminary ad layout is made. Usually advertising agencies are responsible for developing the layout. They use only a few elements in it: company logo, name (or brand), tagline and advertising text (if any). The design of the layout is usually devised by a team of designers and marketing managers. 

An advertising agency needs a reliable management and accounting program to manage all stages of its work. Every advertising agency realizes the importance of monitoring ad space reservations and sales of OOH advertising, advertising inventory analysis and keeping track of all necessary information.

The perfect solution for advertising agencies and other companies involved in OOH advertising business is to use specially designed software, developed by Proxima Co., Ltd.

Automatic system of OOH advertising management helps to monitor and save all the information about ad spaces, clients, turnover, main assets and so on. Moreover, contemporary programs provide sales planning features, support photo-report uploading to the program and the possibility to make all necessary sales documents.

OOH advertising market is developing very fast, the number of companies specializing in this field of advertising is growing and they offer full range of services – from developing a creative brief to installation of ad materials.

If you want your advertising business to grow, you should apply modern and effective software solutions. Otherwise you are giving an edge your competitors, who have already implemented professional software in their work.