Advertising space management

22.12.2017 Advertising space management

OOH and indoor advertising is one of the best ways to promote your goods and services. When you drive around the city or walk in the city center, you see hundreds of OOH advertisements, that lure you into buying something. Usually OOH advertisements are installed and managed by professional advertising agencies that have their own network of ad spaces. At the moment there is a tendency to consolidation of businesses in this field. Small advertising agencies are being pushed away from the market by bigger competitors. The quantity of advertising constructions, run by a single OOH advertising operator, is growing. Businesses are expanding their reach, which is good news to big companies, but there is also another problem: how to manage and monitor advertising spaces?

It may seem an easy task from the first glance. But when you dig deeper you will encounter a lot of difficulties and problems: constant maintenance of main assets (advertising constructions), negotiations and approval of rent agreements with government authorities and so on. It is impossible to keep all this information in mind or organize it in tables, it’s just too diverse. The only way out is to use professional software specially designed for OOH advertising management.

As a rule, these programs have special algorithms of monitoring installation work process, features for planning and controlling maintenance works (cleaning, painting, repairing, lighting repair etc.). The most cutting-edge systems have features for monitoring depreciation and insurance of advertising constructions.

Big advertising agencies often have a separate department that deals with acquiring erection and usage permits for advertising constructions from local authorities. So the program should have an algorithm to accommodate the work of the specialists of this department, so that they could record and monitor approval procedures, manage technical documentation and rent agreements. If this feature is not provided in the software, then there might be confusion in permit documents and vital ad constructions might get lost eventually. 

Indoor advertising management is a lot easier. The only approval you need is the one from the owner of the facility, where you are placing your ad spaces. Although approval procedures and maintenance works for indoor advertising are a lot easier, its management and monitoring is complicated due to a huge quantity of ad spaces. In this case you can’t do without a reliable management and accounting system.

Modern software solutions will not only help you to manage and control your OOH and indoor advertising business, but also provide you with up-to-date information about ad constructions, which will give you assurance in your business. And we all know how important this is!