Software for an advertising agency

28.12.2017 Software for an advertising agency

What are the advantages of using special software for running your advertising business?

1. Minimizing possibility of any errors and mistakes in calculations that are usually made due to human factor. For example, it will rid you of those sticky situations when an ad campaign budget was calculated incorrectly and you had to have an unpleasant conversation with your client asking them to pay extra.

2. Swift information handling and easy access to it. This will save a lot of time for your employees.

3. Increase in work efficiency of all employees of your agency. Now they won’t waste time searching for necessary information, but will spend it working on something really important.

4.Essential analytic data is within one click of the mouse. You don’t have to gather it from different excel files, notes and stickers.

5. Increased management efficiency. Now that managers have relevant and exact analytical data that shows real state of affairs in the agency, they can organize work of their departments more efficiently.

6. Client database is structured and compiled in one place as well as secured from being stolen. Moreover, you will not lose your client database if one of your managers decides to leave the company.

What functions can advertising management software provide for an advertising agency?

1. Full control of all business activities of the agency. For example, not only can you manage ad placements of your clients there, but also keep account of logo design services, ad materials availability and so on.

2. Reports, quotations, office notes and tasks – all these documents are stored in on place. Our software can even store photo reports on ad placements. Convenient, isn’t it?

3. Extended CRM system that allows you to manage your client database, store all contact information, details about interactions and scheduled tasks. It is an essential work tool for each sales manager.

4. Modern software provides two types of accounting data: financial (regulated) and management (analytical, not regulated). This is really convenient because you can handle all accounting operations in one program, and there is no need to use different software products for each type of accounting. You can handle all of them in our software, including warehouse accounting.

5. With this software you will be able to assign tasks to your employees and monitor their fulfillment, even if the employees are working out of the office. And this is not only regarding photo reports. Now department managers can easily monitor current state of affairs: they can see if the ad video was aired, or ad campaign held on time, when ad placement period started.

As you can see advertising management software is an essential work tool for a modern advertising agency. If you still use notes and stickers for storing information in your advertising agency, then you definitely need to consider applying our software in your daily operations!