Advertising in movie theatres

12.01.2018 Advertising in movie theatres

Advantages of advertising in movie theatres

• Wide target audience. Everybody likes going to the movies, especially young people that already have jobs or still studying, but usually those who can pay for themselves. By knowing which movies are popular among one or another audience, you can target your advertisement exactly at those who are most likely to respond to it (i.e. you can aim directly at your target audience). 

• No brain ad block. In other words, when we go to the movies we are relaxed. We want a break from our job and daily routine. And when we see commercials in the movies we don’t get frustrated by it (as we usually do) but take it easy. Commercials before the movie is a usual thing, everybody got used to it already.

• Advertising message gets more memorable. It was proved by many researches that commercials that are shown before the movie are remembered by the audience better and tend to develop positive attitude toward the advertised brand. While after the movie people are not so happy to watch commercials, because they are already tired of sitting and watching and want to get out to the fresh air or get some food.

These are just a few advantages of holding an ad campaign in a movie theatre, but they are enough to make you believe that it is a good idea.

Types of advertisements that you can place in a movie theatre

In other words, where can you put your ad and how it will be delivered to the audience?

There are at least 6 types of it:

1. Commercials before the movie. This type is the most spectacular (it involves audio and visual effects) and effective. Average length of such commercials is usually 60 seconds which is enough for introducing any product there is. The more interesting and outrageous the commercial, the better.

2. Give out leaflets at the box office. Also a good option, but people tend to neglect ad leaflets. However, they can be effective too. Most of the time we put these leaflets in our pockets or handbags and only notice them when we are back home, then we have the time to look at them with no rush or distractions.

3. Indoor advertising. These are ads placed inside a movie theatre. They usually come in posters or signboards, and the price of placement usually depends on their size. Some studies suggest that up to 60% of the audience take notice of advertisements they see in the hall of a movie theatre.

4. Premiere events. Movie theatres that offer such opportunity usually have a hall with a stage, where they invite guests, celebrities, actors starring in the movie and entertain them with different performances, competitions, and giveaways. This type of advertising is quite specific and won’t suit for every business.

5. Product placement and cross promotion. The first means adding the product or brand into the movie. There are several ways to carry it out, each of which is quite effective. And as for cross-promotion, this is a mutual advertising campaign for two companies (“we advertise you and you advertise us”).

6. Other types of advertising in movie theatres. Many movie theatres, especially chain movie theatres, have their own advertising system, create new types and placement facilities, which can help you reach your target audience.

As you can see, movie theatres offer plenty of advertising options, which earn them quite a lot of money (sometimes even more than they make from selling tickets to the movies).