Compatible with all operating systems

There are two ways to use the software: you can install "Thin Client" application on your laptop or use web-browser to log in the system. “Thin client” version is preferable. There are versions of thin client for Windows, Mac, Linux.

Customizable interface

The software has a flexible and customizable user interface. You can hide or add new attributes, filters or formatting elements.

Adding new attributes

Most of the elements in the system can be assigned with new attributes. For example, you can add “Direction” or “Distance from the crossroad” to an Ad Space Profile.

Saving documents in Excel and PDF

Any printout form in the system can be saved into Excel and PDF format.

Flexible access right settings

Flexible access right settings allow to assign different rights to users. With the help of Access Right Profiles you can quickly add new users to the system and adjust their rights.

Comprehensive reports on any data stored in the software

The software has over 30 different reports. They can give you comprehensive information about sales from any perspective.