Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have an office in our country?

Our software is developed on 1C:Enterprise platform (one of the leading ERP systems in the world). There are many IT-companies around the world that can provide tech support and customization services for 1C:Enterprise-based software. At the moment there are 1C companies in Canada, Germany, Romania, Ecuador, Turkey, Austria, Poland, UAE, Sweden, Bulgaria, Mongolia, USA, South Africa, Hungary, Cyprus, Italy, Vietnam, South Korea, Australia, China, Laos.

We are interested in expanding our sales network. If you are an IT-company representative, please send us an e-mail for detailed cooperation conditions.

Do you provide trial period?

Yes, we do. Please, e-mail us - and request a trial.

We can grant you an access to our standard prefilled demo database, so that you could see how it works and try it out yourself. Another option is an empty demo database, which will be accessible only to you. You will be able to fill it in with your own advertising inventory, add your client information, and start managing sale operations in it. We will provide you with tutorial videos, transfer your data from Excel files into the database, and will be there to help you in case of any problems or questions.

What is the price of the software?

The price of the software depends on the quantity of licenses you want to buy and their type. Quantity of licenses depends on the quantity of users. You can buy a one-month, one-year or a lifetime license. If you buy a lifetime license, you will be able to install a database in your computer or server and work off-line.

We can discuss implementation conditions in detail during an online presentation of the software.


Do you provide training courses?

Yes. We can offer you a training course of working in the software in two ways – an on-site course given by our specialist who will be sent to your company headquarters or a long-distant course via Internet.

On-site courses are conducted according to an individual training program for different groups of users. During a training course our specialist will adjust business processes in your company and customizes the software according to your needs. Long-distance course is a lot cheaper, but only one employee of your company can take this course at a time.

Can you send a specialist to come and teach us on-site to use the software?

Yes, our specialist can be sent to your company headquarters and conduct a training course. The course usually takes 3-5 days of 8 hours and guarantees quick and effective implementation of the software. The course is based on proved methods for different groups of employees of the advertising agency. There are special courses for managers, executives and system administrators. We would like to point out that sending our specialist to your company for an on-site training can be quite expensive and for cutting costs we recommend you our long-distance training system.

How do you conduct a long-distance training course?

The training is conducted on our server via Skype. Course duration is 5-10 days 2-3 hours of training with our specialist per day. Only one employee takes the course at a time.

Is training course chargeable or is its cost included into the price of the software?

Training course is paid for additionally. The price depends on the length of the training syllabus.

We have employed a new manager, can we buy a compresses training course for him, which includes only Sales and basic reports?

Yes, it is possible. We can devise an individual training syllabus.

Can we do without training?

Yes, you can. In any case we will provide tech support service after you have bought the software.

But training course makes the process of software implementation a lot quicker and helps you to avoid many typical mistakes.

What type of training is better – long-distance or on-site?

On-site training is definitely better, but it is a lot more expensive.

Long distance training is also very effective. You start working on our server with our specialist and fill in the database from the very beginning, exploring the software as you go. After one week of training you will have a well-trained specialist and a filled-in database ready for work.

Tech support

We are happy with the functions of the software, but we would like to add some specific features to it. Is it possible?

Yes, we can perform small upgrades of the software during the period of free tech support service after purchasing the software. Small upgrades include, for example, adaptation of print forms of the documents. Bigger upgrades are performed according to a technical requirements description and can be chargeable.

Can you provide electronic copy of the User Manual?

We supply electronic copy of the book to all our current users upon enquiry. Also we can send you additional printed copies together with the software or send them separately after you buy the software.

If we find a bug in the software, will you fix it free of charge?

Yes, of course.

How often do the updates of the software come out?

Updates of OOH Advertising Software Management come out about 1-2 times per month

Can we modify the software ourselves?

Yes, it is possible. The software has an open source code. Any specialist that has some skills in programming can modify or improve the software.

We have found a bug in the software. What should we do?

If you think that there is a bug in the software, please send a clear description of the sequence of your actions that lead to this bug to our e-mail. The bug will be fixed in the nearest release of the software update.

How do you provide tech support service?

We have been providing on-line tech support services to our users for over 10 years, so our long-distance tech support works as a Swiss watch. We use phone, e-mail, Skype and remote desktop access. The most convenient contact method is voice-call in Skype and remote desktop access. This way you will feel like we are sitting at the same desk looking at the same monitor.