Comprehensive tools for out-of-home business & financial management

Financial management

1C:Advertising provides comprehensive financial management and reporting specially designed for out-of-home advertising companies.

Keeping track of cashflow

There is a set of documents for monitoring settlements with customers and suppliers made either in cash or by bank transfer.

Settlements with clients

Mutual settlement management system monitors receipts from clients and outstanding payments. Schedule of expected receipts reflects data on any selected date.

Contract templates

Users can create templates of contracts and other documents. The system will ill them in according to the data stored in the infobase. You can create and edit templates yourself without programmer’s assistance.

Commercial invoices, appendixes etc

Any type of sales document can be created in the system, for example, invoices, appendixes to contracts, statements go services rendered etc.

Storing original documents

A scan copy of an original document can be attached to the e-document in the system. It is stored in the database for as long as you need.

Keeping track of original documents

The system monitors whether original document have or haven’t been returned by the client. It helps to put your paperflow in order. A barcode scanner will make searching for the documents even quicker.