Manage Your OOH/DOOH Inventory

All types of advertising spaces

You can manage all types of ad spaces, both dynamic or static. The list of ad space types is customizable and is created by users. Each type can be assigned with its own installation price and ad material printing price.

Out-of-home and indoor advertising

The software has a flexible system of adding new parameters to Ad Space Profile. Users can create their own parameters and place them in a suitable place of the profile. For example, for OOH ad spaces you probably would like to add “Direction”, and for indoor spaces – “Floor” and “Room”. The quantity of custom parameters is unlimited. Ad spaces can be sorted and filtered by any of the added parameters.

Digital OOH

The software supports videoscreen ad management. Specially designed pricing system will calculate the price of placement according to the ad video runtime.

Advertising construction management

The software has an advertising construction management system, where constructions are recognized as real estate unit. You can save acquired installation permits in the system and monitor installation approval process. Maintenance works can also be managed here.

Ad space availability analysis

This simple and customizable report will help you create a list of available advertising spaces and make a vivid presentation for your client.

Inventory efficiency analysis

A special built-in report reflects how efficiently your advertising inventory is sold. You can monitor the number of ad spaces for sale and how many of them have already been sold. This report will be very useful for sales analysis and planning.