The popularity of digital screens and why they attract advertisers so much

13.10.2023 The popularity of digital screens and why they attract advertisers so much

Common billboards and other static means of outdoor advertising have long been the most popular in their niche. Now the emphasis is smoothly shifting from static to dynamics, namely screens. Now it is a relatively expensive, but very effective type of outdoor advertising. Digital billboards are often placed in megacities, where there are many places that a large number of people visit every day: shopping malls, stadiums, concert halls, etc. Digital billboards are an effective way to show your product, information about which is easier for a potential buyer to learn and remember. It is quite difficult not to notice an animated image of such a scale. Moreover, it has been proven that a dynamic object attracts a person's attention to one degree or another when it is in the field of peripheral visibility. For example, dynamic images and videos can guarantee the success of brand or service promotion.

It is also worth noting that the digital screens can be installed both on already prepared planes (building facades, walls) and on specially manufactured structures.

Outdoor advertising screens are used to convey certain information to a large number of people. Often monitors consist of several small screens showing parts of the same composition, but thanks to the control of the central computer, they look like one whole.

LED monitors and why they stand out so much

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The most popular representatives of dynamic means of outdoor advertising are LED screens. In terms of brightness and contrast, they surpass the vast majority of other outdoor advertising media: the information if showed in the LED monitor is visible at a distance of up to 500 meters. Such screens will be the optimal solution even in conditions of excessive lighting or, conversely, rain. Moreover, the price of LED screens is lower than for conventional monitors, but LED monitors absorb much less electricity.

So, as you might notice, advertising screens are in great demand nowadays, despite their relative high cost, which suggests that they are profitable and practical.