What are trivision billboards and why are they so popular

20.10.2023 What are trivision billboards and why are they so popular

Trivision billboards have become very popular nowadays, especially they can be found on the streets of large cities, but there are a lot of them in small towns too. These advertising constructions are often compared to billboards, but there are several significant differences between them. For example, trivision billboards have more advantages and perspectives.

What a trivision billboard is

A trivision billboard is a large screen consisting of three elements (or triangular movable prisms) that rotate, replacing advertising or informational material. On each face there is a fragment of one of the three advertising messages. An electric drive is built into the design, which rotates the prisms around its axis by 120 degrees (the full cycle is 360 degrees), allowing one picture to replace another and give it dynamism. So trivision billboards attract people's attention more effectively than other static types of outdoor advertising media. In fact, this is the main difference between this outdoor advertising medium and a billboard, which allows the placement of only one image on one side.

To put advertising material to the trivision billboard, a self-adhesive vinyl film is most often used, on which the image is applied. This film is glued onto a prism and cut, and the service life of this material can be increased by lamination. Printing is also used for applying images, but this option is not suitable for long-term advertising campaigns: it is poorly protected from the effects of external conditions.


Advantages of trivision billboards

  • - The main advantage of trivision billboards is the ability to place six images at once instead of two on both sides of the advertising structure
  • - Also, placement on trivision billboards is often cheaper than placement on, for example, billboards in the same area. Thus, if there are three advertisers, then the cost of advertising their products or services for each of them is significantly reduced
  • - Another important advantage of these designs is their dynamism and brightness: the images replace each other, which attracts the attention of others who will definitely notice the advertised product
  • - Trivision billboards are also distinguished by their ease of operation due to the fact that the advertising and information material is printed on film or easily removable fabric, so it is replaced easily and quickly
  • - Therefore, with the help of trivision billboards, it is much easier to attract potential customers or buyers due to the contrast of the image between advertising materials
  • - One of the advantages is greater visibility, the ability to attract the attention of the audience by the dynamics of the design, wide coverage of the driving flow of people, etc.

As you can see, prismatrons can be an excellent solution for almost any company that wants to announce itself or its product to a wide audience and save its budget.