City-formats and their uniqueness

27.10.2023 City-formats and their uniqueness

City-format (or lightbox) is a free–standing sidewalk panel-pylon, which is a glowing box that shows advertising. Inside the structure there are advertising posters made of special translucent paper, on which advertising materials are printed by double-sided printing. They are usually located in pavilions, kiosks, at bus stops or near cinemas, supermarkets or shopping malls.

The most common size of citylights is 1.2 by 1.8 meters. They are usually placed on a stand with a height of about 0.6 meters. More than 5 plots can be placed on each side of the structure. The "A" side of the lightbox is usually better visible to both the flow of vehicles and passer-byes, when the "B" side is only visible to passer-byes.

Usually, city-formats play the role of image advertising. Due to the fact that they are often located near shopping malls, they are mainly used to advertise brands, stores or individual sections in these shopping malls. They also often contain information about promotions in any stores.

citylight 2.jpg

Advantages of citylights:

  • - Information on such media is placed at the level of a person's gaze, which makes eye contact more qualitative
  • - They are easy to maintain
  • - Low cost compared to other types of outdoor advertising
  • - They are easily installed in small places where it is impossible to place larger formats
  • - Ads placed on the lightbox can be seen at any time of the day due to the bright backlight and bright picture
  • - High purity of contacts with the audience
  • - The placed advertising material is not affected by external factors due to its design. Thus, an advertiser can use citylights to conduct a long-term advertising campaign and not worry that his advertising material will look unpresentable after a while.

The disadvantages of lightboxes include only their small size, which makes them difficult to notice from a long distance, as well as the fact that they often become objects of vandalism.

As you can see, city-format can be an excellent solution for your advertising campaign, because they have a huge number of advantages and attract many potential buyers.