Five Tips to Create an Attracting Billboard Design

03.11.2023 Five Tips to Create an Attracting Billboard Design

1. Make It Simple and Concise

People will only see your ad for a few seconds. Therefore, do not place large texts on billboards. The right banner design will speak for itself. Try to convey your idea rather than describe every detail.

2. Use Bold Fonts

It is hard to attract the attention of drivers, and even more difficult to keep it. Use bold and semi bold fonts to convey information because small fonts can be difficult to read.

3. Be Brave

Your ad should attract people. So, do not be scared of using bright colors creating your design. By the way, the background and text must contrast so that the text is visible even at long distances.

4. Select the Right Image

Billboards are a visual experience, and when it comes to choosing images for the background, you shouldn't use a background that contains a lot of detail. It is better to choose one graphic element that will attract the attention of the audience.

5. Make It Readable

Usually passer-byes and drivers have no more than 5-10 seconds to read the info is placed on the ad space. So, don’t use a lot of words, make it short, simple, and understandable.