Advertising inventory management and reservation of advertising spaces

Advertising inventory management and reservation of advertising spaces

Advertising inventory management and reservation of advertising spaces are two main tools for sales planning in advertising business. With them you can easily track down which ad spaces are sold and which are yet to be sold at any moment. Our software provides you with both of these tools: reservation and display of available ad spaces!

Advertising inventory in “autopilot mode” 

Imagine that a big client comes to your office and requires information about all your ad spaces available at the moment. Clients like this don’t like to wait, but you really want to work with him. For such occasions there is an “Advertising inventory” report in our software. Just a couple of clicks and the software will present you with detailed information on which ad spaces are available at the moment, their location and price. In addition to this, you can filter ad spaces by districts, months and so on. Very convenient, isn’t it?

You can show this report to the client on your computer or save it in Excel format and send it to his e-mail. This way you can quickly and easily create reports for internal and external use. On the basis of this data sales department can adjust their work plan, as well as the client will be able to make an informed choice and select ad spaces that he thinks most suitable. 

It is very important to provide the client with full and detailed information, because they won’t pay for a pig in a poke. By giving them the opportunity to select ad spaces themselves, you show your interest and care about them and they will definitely use your services again!

Reservation of ad spaces

This is another report that you can create with our software. In fact, it’s the opposite of the report described above: it doesn’t show the quantity of available ad spaces, but of the taken ones. The biggest advantage of our software are reservation queues. For example, there are billboards 1 and 2. For each of them (and also their A and B sides) you can create queues of reservations. Reservation periods for each client are shown very clearly with a color bar.

Reservation system is very flexible, you can adjust it to your needs and add new indicators and details. Why do you need this? First, it helps you work more effectively with new clients and as was mentioned above, you can easily assess you advertising inventory. Second, this software will make your work with long-term clients more effective: the software will show you that reservation period is close to an end, so that you will contact the client in time for making new agreements and signing new contracts for new reservations.

All in all, functions of reservation and management of advertising spaces will not only help you to maintain a stable inflow of orders, but also increase it, find new ways of expanding client database and developing your business.